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Double the salary of election workers, how much?

April 16, 2022

Local level election workers will get double salary.

Election commissioners, staff and security personnel will get additional benefits with double the salary they received earlier.

According to the commission, election commissioners, secretariat of the election commission, sanctioned posts working in the election office, permanent, contract or work staff and security personnel will get election facility, food and meal expenses within 35 days from the date of announcement of election.


What does it take to be a voter?
In order to vote in the local elections, one has to be a Nepali citizen who has completed 18 years of age.

The Election Commission has decided that the voters who have completed 18 years of age by April 12 will be able to cast their votes in the local elections. Commission officials say that in the past practice, the date of election has been announced as the basis.

“This time around, the date of reaching the age of 19 in the forthcoming local elections is considered to be the cut-off date on the day just before the election, which ensures that around two lakh more youths will be able to exercise their voting right,” said Poudel.

It is not possible to participate in voting only because of age qualification. In order to participate in the voting, the name must be included in the voter list compiled by the Election Commission and the voter identity card is mandatory.

The commission has been collecting such lists from its offices in each district before the election date is announced. A person whose name is included once does not need to be included in every election.

However, the voter ID card issued by the Election Commission has to be taken to the polling station.

What are the qualifications of the candidate?
According to the Local Level Election Act, a person who has completed 21 years of age till the day of registration of candidature can be a candidate for any post at the local level.

To be a candidate, one should be a Nepali citizen and the name should be included in the voter list of the concerned local level or ward concerned.

According to the law, those who have been serving in the government service, have not been sentenced for two years for engaging in election offenses, have been convicted of a criminal offense of moral turpitude or have been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Local elections
Individuals who have not been convicted of organized crime and racial discrimination, as well as untouchability, witchcraft, or polygamy, are not allowed to run in local elections.

But to be a candidate at the local level, one does not have to be a member of any party.

How many candidates are there?
The number of candidates for the 35,221 posts required for local level chiefs, deputy chiefs, ward chairpersons and members across the country will be decided only after the final list of nominees is published.

According to the Election Commission, 1,48,364 candidates from different parties and independents participated in the local elections held in 2074 BS. Out of 57 parties participating in the election, 18 parties were represented at the local level.

Each voter must vote in seven positions in the local elections. Among them are local level chiefs, deputy chiefs, ward chairpersons of the concerned wards, women ward members and Dalit women members one by one and open ward members by two.

How much does it cost to be a candidate?
In the previous election, a deposit of Rs. There is a provision of half exemption for women, dalit and minority community or deprived candidates.

The commission had arranged a bail of Rs 1,000 for the ward chairperson and Rs 500 for the members.

In case the candidate gets less than 10 percent of the total votes, such deposit will be forfeited. There is a rule that the confiscated amount should be deposited in the accumulated fund.

Candidates spend a lot of money on election propaganda. But the transparency of such expenditure has been questioned.

In the previous election, the Election Commission had set a maximum spending limit of Rs.

The maximum expenditure limit was set at 750,000 for the chief and deputy chief of the corporation and 350,000 for the chief and deputy chief of the village municipality. Ward members of the metropolis were allowed to spend a maximum of Rs 300,000 and village members half of it.

The Election Commission Act 2073 has empowered the Commission to publish information in the Nepal Gazette by setting spending limits in every election.

Commission spokesperson Poudel informed that the expenditure limit of the upcoming election is yet to be decided. The commission has been reviewing the spending limit in every election on the basis of cost.

However, various studies have shown that even if local level candidates spend more than that, they do not report the exact details of all the expenses to the commission.

How is the election symbol fixed?

In the House of Representatives election, the parties that got one seat in the proportional system and 3 percent in the direct system have been recognized as national parties by the Political Parties Act. Such national parties receive their own election symbol.

The Commission provides election symbols to candidates and independent candidates from non-accredited national parties based on their demands.

The Commission has the right to fix such mark itself in case the demanded mark coincides with another party.

Voters can cast their votes by placing swastika on the election symbol of the candidate concerned in the secret room at the polling station.

Where to go to vote?
According to the Election Commission, voting for local elections can be done only from the registered local level. To know which local level polling station your name is included in the Commission’s website could not be found


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