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Sanket Lyrics by ShreeGo

August 7, 2022

Sanket Lyrics by ShreeGo

In this article, we have posted the Sanket Lyrics by ShreeGo. Before posting the lyrics, we will discuss about this song.

The song ‘Sanket (संकेत)’ is a second official song (Sanket – ShreeGo X Prabesh Lama Gurung | Prod.Reuven ft. Prasanna Lama) by ShreeGo.

The song ‘Sanket’ was released on February 19, 2022 through ShreeGo official YouTube channel. In this song ‘Sanket’ – Lyrics, Vocals and Performed by ShreeGo himself and also, Performed by Prabesh Lama Gurung.

This song music video Produced By Ruben Jalari and Mixed/Mastered by Ruben Jalari.

With a duration of 2.44 minutes, the song has been viewed 1.05 million times so far.


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ShreeGo song Lyrics List

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Aakha Judhyo, Mana Milyo
Sanket Mayako, Sanket Mayako

Aabhash Tyo, Sparsha Timro
Khojirahanchh Man Yo
Khojirahanchh Man Yo

Dahro Pari, Mutu Mero
Chaleeraachu Paila Yo
Chaleeraachu Paila Yo

Aaklo Bhachhu, Satha Khojxu
Paudina Hata Tyo

Ho... Aadha Rataka Kurakanee
Birsana Khojchhu Janee Najanee
Jeendageelai Eklo Thanee
Manalai Meroo Eaklo Manee
Ke Nai Chha Ra Samjhana Lagee
Aaklo Bhachhu
Jiwan Bitla, Pachhi Bhagee
Mayako Lagee Bhaik Magee

Aba Banki Ke Nai Chha Ra
Aba Banki Ke Nai Chha Ra….
Sahara Yadko Matri Banki Aba
Sahara Yadko Matri Banki Aba…..

Yo Hawa Sagai Mero Maya
Udigaya HUnthayo

Yo Aasu Sagai Mero Maya
Bagigaya Hunthayo

Ghari Ghari, Ori Pari
Aakhale Timlai Khojxan
Ghumifiree, Yata Uta
Manale Timlai Rojxan

Birsana Khojxa Manale
Farkinchhau Timi

Timlai Nai Rojchha Manle
Arkailai Rojne Timi


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